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Predator Free New Zealand 2050 exhibition

Art exhibition at Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa, Auckland, 6th Sept-2nd October 2022 and Auckland Botanic Gardens, 22nd October- 14th November 2022..

x terminate
1/5, V/P (Variable Print) ‘X Terminate’ Joanna Fieldes 2022

x exit
1/5, V/P (Variable Print) ‘X/Exit’ Joanna Fieldes 2022

Lights Out 2022
Lights Out, 2022, 3 of 5, variable print, Joanna Fieldes, w360mm x h230mm, on Fabriano Tiepolo 290gsm - Unframed

PREDATOR FREE exhibition joanna
Joanna Fieldes

Predator Free NZ2050 exhibition flyer